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  Jinan Cloudsource Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Jinan high tech Zone Innovation workshop of CIIIC(China International ICT Innovation Cluster), our main business scope includes printed circuit board mounting, welding, assembly, packaging, such as one-stop service, kinds of machining components covering various types of electronic components, external to undertake a high-precision multi-layer circuit board processing, all kinds of electronic products OEM commissioned production processing and assembly, and other services.

  Our company uses Panasonic advanced SMT professional equipment, production capacity can reach 1 million 200 thousand components per day, equivalent to 300 million units a year. Our company attaches the most great importance to the quality of management, the introduction of a series of international advanced inspection equipment, to ensure that the industry can reach ten PPM (parts per million) of the industry's high quality requirements.

  According to the special requirements of the production conditions of SMT, the company also set up a static tester, ion blower / air gun, can automatically control the humidity of the production plant humidification system, to prevent the quality problems caused by static electricity. The company is equipped with many years of professional production and management experience of the technical personnel team, to a variety of production and after-sales process problems arise in a timely and effective fast corresponding.

      Company colleagues adhere to the "Quality First, Customer First" philosophy, to create "SMT industry leading products" as the goal, and sincerely welcome for your visit and order!

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Ji'nan Cloudsource Electronic Technology Co. Ltd.

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F1-1 Innovation workshop of CIIIC(China International ICT Innovation Cluster)



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